As our team at Dot Connector Studio has been busy chugging away on the Making a New Reality series with Kamal Sinclair, we wanted to take a moment to shout out In-House International —the creative studio that we collaborated with to develop the brand, visual language and series of illustrations for the project. In-House International gave a behind-the-scenes look on their design process in a recent post on their website.

“Representation, diversity, technology vs humanity, and change are the central themes of the series,” they write. “Naturally, they were also the central themes in exploring visual directions for the project. The series beckoned for flexible, human-centric, and futuristic branding to apply to the articles, event materials and other media. They needed to be simple enough to be versatile, and powerful enough to command attention. The message is straightforward: the future is diverse, the future is human, the future is not all about technology.”

Check out the full write-up here.