Mark your calendars! Join Dot Connector Studio for fall events we’re helping  Media Impact Funders to organize in New York, LA, and points beyond:


Plus, ICYMI, in June the Dot Connector Studio team worked with Medium Impact Funders to organize a pair of high-octane events in Silicon Valley. First up was the annual day-long Media Impact Forum, which focused on philanthropy’s role in media innovation (we were prepared), where our own Jessica Clark took the stage to help unveil a new report.


We were also proud to help organize the Media Impact Festival, which screens documentary films that have made a notable social impact on particular issues. The festival highlights five films and presents case studies for each; reviewing what has made their individual outreach campaigns pop.

We’ll help MIF to organize a series of Ovee discussions with the festival filmmakers in the coming months. Register today to join the first of these online conversations, with  the filmmaker and subject of When I Walk, Jason DaSilva, AXS Lab executive director Alice Cook, and program officer Emily Verellen of The Fledgling Fund to learn more about the film’s impact on raising awareness of disability issues and related accessibility challenges.