Last weekend, Dot Connector Studio’s Jessica Clark and Angelica Das led a workshop called “Playing Your Way to Impact” using the Impact Pack at the 3rd annual Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival in Washington, DC. Double Exposure, a project of the investigative news organization 100Reporters, says the aim of the festival is “to build public recognition of investigative reporting as essential to a vibrant democracy, and as part of the American cultural bloodstream.”

Our team introduced the Impact Pack to attendees who are in varying stages of their media projects ranging from researching, planning and even screening their films at the festival. Filmmakers used the Impact Pack to map out their media project to the group. Subjects varied from a docuseries on global music practices to the festival’s closing film on U.S. foreign policy surrounding kidnapping and hostage negotiation in ISIS-controlled Syria for journalists and aid workers. If you’re interested in learning how to develop a media strategy for your project or want to share how you’ve been using the Impact Pack, drop us a line!

You can learn more about the cards and purchase your own deck here.

Jessica presents the Impact Pack at the Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival.