Our Model

Illustration with humans and interlocking puzzle pieces

Wondering what’s next for your organization and our society?

Feeling the need to break free of current structures and boldly imagine better alternatives?

Curious about how you might navigate the wild swings of technology and politics to create something meaningful?

We can help.

Dot Connector Studio collaborates with our clients to make sense of a rapidly changing world. We apply futurist methodologies to create custom strategy journeys. Along the way, we help to increase your organization’s ability to thrive in an uncertain environment and create cohesion between short-term actions and long-term goals.

Dot Connector’s signature future-making model follows six phases:

  • Discover: Together, we explore values, set the vision for your project, review your organization’s foundational materials and begin to chart our journey.
  • Scaffold: We create a project plan, identify needed collaborators, dive deep into communities and ecosystems, and set milestones for the project.
  • Sensemake: To prepare for “future-proofing” your strategy, we conduct research, and report from the future to surface trends and signals relevant to your field and community. Through workshops and creative experiences, we engage your team and stakeholders to collectively understand shared goals, conditions, obstacles, and possible trajectories.
  • Co-Create: We produce field learning tools and platforms, make media and artifacts, design public convenings with your internal staff and key advisors, facilitate labs and incubators, and build grant programs. 
  • Integrate: We synthesize high level learnings, recommendations, and next steps to inform your organization’s strategy or theory of change. By mixing the scientific spirit of strategic foresight with an awareness of the human and emotional dimensions of organizational and social change, we cultivate healing and transformation to enable big shifts in vision and impact.
  • Catalyze: We take everything we’ve learned, and give yous the tools, plan, and inspiration you need to proceed and launch your next phase—and start anew.