Our Services

Illustration with humans and interlocking puzzle piecesDot Connector Studio operates as a distributed network of social impact, foresight, and strategy consultants—we tailor project teams to best support a client’s strategic goals.

  • Want to learn more about foresight and futures thinking?
  • Seeking to support makers with a mission? 
  • Wondering what’s next for society or your organization? 

Here’s how we can help:

Futurist learning journeys:
We provide strategic advising, research, and workshop design for funders and social change organizations to explore how the issues or industries you care about might evolve. Along the way, we help to increase your organization’s foresight capacity and create cohesion between short-term actions and long-term goals.

Social innovation workshops and experiences:
We’ll work with you to identify mission-driven objectives, facilitate creative interactions, and design agendas that drive change.

Cultivating creative cohorts:
We’ll co-develop labs, incubators, and transformative experiences for authors, artists, nonfiction producers, and emerging media creators focused on just futures and social change.

Reporting from the future:
We’ll collaborate with you to track the potential of emerging technologies and social movements, to assemble briefings on the relevance of up-and-coming platforms and practices, and to create future-focused publications to share what we’ve jointly learned.

Designing forward-looking grant programs:
We’ll help your foundation or social impact organization to design selection processes for awards and grantmaking in emerging fields; convene knowledgeable, diverse advisors; and craft campaigns to share the results with your network.