Today at Dot Connector Studio HQ, I am saddling up for a snowy trip to DC, to join doc makers, researchers and funders for the 11th Annual Media That Matters conference.

The focus is on media and impact, and I will be showcasing strategy tools we have helped to develop and presenting brief remarks on why funders see independent doc films as a powerful tool for civic engagement and putting the public back into public media. Follow my live tweets from the event: @beyondbroadcast, and for funder-focused insights, @mediafunders.

This is just the first in a series of spots where you will find us in the first half of 2015. In April, I will be presenting at the fourth annual Tribeca Film Institute Interactive Day on tools and frameworks for understanding the impact of participatory and transmedia docs. With Media Impact Funders, Katie Donnelly and I are helping to organize a Philadelphia-based session on music discovery in public radio in May, and the next Media Impact Forum and Media Impact Festival, slated for Menlo Park in June.

Plus, there are other gatherings on the horizon. Check back here to see where we will go next…