DCS is excited to debut a free digital version of our Impact Pack as a template in Miro. Miro is a digital whiteboard that makes it easy to collaborate with others without the constraints of a physical location. This allows teachers, funders, makers and strategists to break out the deck anytime for their work once they have registered with the platform. 

While of course, we’d love it if you ordered the printed version of the deck, users across the globe are already reporting success with this digital version.

“I have now tried it in two classes—one in the Bachelor’s, one in the Master’s programme—and it has helped me a lot both times,” explains Professor Klaus Neuburg of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, and partner at the Serve and Volley Work Studio. “Some Bachelor students based their whole strategy for one project on the results of the Impact Pack session. In the Master’s course we built a series of talks based on the interface cards.” He plans to order the analog decks for future classes.

Photo of using the card deck

Since 2017, the Impact Pack has been making its way around the world—from DC, to Jakarta, to Budapest and beyond. Currently we are on version 4.0. While uses have varied, the goal remains the same: to aid creatives, producers, and funders alike in crafting media projects that highlight social issues and stir debate and action among their audiences. 

“What’s been most exciting about working on this deck over the years has been the way our conversations with practitioners have shaped it,” says Executive Director Jessica Clark. “For example, in this latest version, we introduced the Unintended Consequences suit, which allows players to think through the ways in which their media projects might not turn out quite the way they had hoped.”

We hope you use this digital deck to:
  • Prototype your media engagement strategy
  • Tell or iterate your impact story
  • Weigh different options
  • Teach students how to plan a media strategy
  • Train team members to collaborate
  • Set up focus groups with audience members
  • Prototype your own media engagement strategy
  • Get feedback from partners and users

Learn more about the Impact Pack and find further instructions here

Have you used the digital deck or have questions? We’d love to hear from you, email cards@dotconnectorstudio.com with any questions or comments!

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