In June, the National Endowment for the Arts released a report titled Regional Trends in Tech as Art: Supporting Artists Who use Technology as a Creative Medium, which offers an outline of local developments and recommendations from 100+ field leaders. The report is based on a series of virtual roundtable gatherings that included artists, funders, administrators, academics and other field leaders who discussed the challenges, assets and steps to build and advance other arts and technology fields. 

These conversations centered around the agency’s June 2021 report Tech As Art: Supporting Artists Who Use Technology as a Creative Medium. Based on two years of research that Dot Connector Studio conducted in partnership with 8 Bridges Workshop, this ambitious project focused on how to better support artists whose practices are rooted in digital technologies.

Interdisciplinary artist Sondra Perry combines video, computer-based media, and performance in Young Women Sitting and Standing And Talking and Stuff

The latest report offers insights from convenings focused on distinct geographic regions anchored by the cities of St. Paul, Minnesota; Detroit, Michigan; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York, New York; Miami, Florida; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and San Jose, California. While arts ecosystems differ across these regions, a set of key priorities arose from the discussions.

These included:

  • The need to increase access to technology and training;
  • An imperative to support racial justice and access across the field;
  • A call for broader funding strategies and increased support;
  • An urgent demand for preservation of fragile digital experiments;
  • Opportunities for continuing local conversations, informed by additional regional briefs

Over the course of the past three years, Dot Connector Studio has learned a tremendous amount about the burgeoning field of tech-centered art and creativity, and we look forward to participating in the discussions that this new report is sure to spark.  

Download the newest report here and learn more about the original report here

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