Nancy Watzman gives tips at the IRE 2018 Denver Watchdog Workshop

On May 5, 2018, Nancy Watzman, director of strategic initiatives, joined veteran journalist Sandra Fish to talk about covering the mid-term elections with local reporters in Denver at the IRE 2018 Denver Watchdog Workshop. The two talked about following campaign money, political ads, and misinformation in local campaigns. Their tip sheet is here:

The IRE 2018 Denver Watchdog Workshop drew some 50 journalists from Colorado and nearby states, and featured sessions on open records laws, narrative story telling, data reporting, and more.

Denver has recently garnered national attention following extensive layoffs at The Denver Post, an editorial stand off,  resignations of several top editors, and a public protest scheduled for May 8. Despite these massive layoffs, Colorado is also home to vibrant upstarts such as the Colorado Independent and Denverite. Colorado Public Radio recently welcomed a new president, and a local coalition, the Colorado Media Alliance, is working to raise awareness on transparency, media literacy, and media access and engagement.