Katerina Cizek and William Uricchio’s Collective Wisdom: Co-Creating Media for Equity and Justice, the first-of-its-kind field study of the media industry, is now available for pre-order! Drawing from the insights of more than a dozen co-authors, they aim to reframe how culture is produced— taking an important first step in articulating contemporary collaborative practices and ethics. 

Jessica Clark and Carrie McClaren of Dot Connector Studio worked closely with Cizek to assemble a related long-form series for Immerse under the same name. This series and book both build on MIT Open Doc Lab’s field study, Collective Wisdom: Co-Creating Media within Communities, across Disciplines and with Algorithms, for which Clark also served as an interviewee. 

Collective Wisdom: Co-Creating Media for Equity and Justice book cover, now available for pre-order!

“It has been fascinating to participate in this process, from conception through revision and amplification over the past few years,” says Clark. “The book stands not only as an in-depth exploration of the shifting dynamics of authorship and audience participation, but as a shining example of co-creation in its own right.”

The official book launch is set for November 1 but pre-orders now will help to drive visibility. All proceeds of sales go to Allied Media Projects based in Detroit. 

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