The Making a New Reality project, which Dot Connector is creating in collaboration with Kamal Sinclair, published a third issue that continues to focus on strategies to mitigate bias. The issue piggybacks on ideas introduced in the previous month’s installment while also initiating conversation around a range of topics critical to understanding and working within our own biases. These topics include: approaches to allyship, barriers of entry, amplification strategies, acceptance of personal bias and genuine diversity.

The project is supported by the Ford Foundation’s JustFilms program, with additional support from the Sundance Institute. Each month Immerse publishes the lead article from the series. The Making a New Reality team hopes to grow its community by fostering a dialogue with their audience. Here’s a how-to-guide on ways to get involved.

Don’t miss this batch of articles on ways to fight bias in media, including:

The radical opportunity: strategies to mitigate bias in emerging media

Encourage and model allyship

Disrupt dependency and rigid bias narratives

Lower barriers to entry and create new pipelines

Lean in or adjust the center of design

Use the amplification strategy

Construct authentic diversity

Make a business case

Promote awareness of personal bias

Make bias blind