The Making a New Reality project, which Dot Connector is producing in collaboration with Kamal Sinclair, published a fifth issue that follows up on problems introduced in the fourth issue related to silos and knowledge gaps.  This month, Sinclair explores solutions for bridging chasms between arts, technology, and business sectors.

Sinclair notes that artists should be encouraged to study science and technology and vice versa for scientists and engineers. She also emphasizes the mutual benefits when there are creatives in high-level business hierarchies and business partners in artistic practices. Cross-pollination might “help us develop shared language and innovative visions of how to use emerging technological and scientific capabilities to design a livable and equitable future” she suggests.

The supplemental article in this issue titled “Fund inclusive imagination” discusses ways that marginalized people might get more dollars to make emerging art and media “Establishing a discovery and investment vetting process that aims to support traditionally underrepresented creative entrepreneurship in emerging media may be critical to changing many of the diversity and wealth gaps,” writes Sinclair, adding, “not only would this create greater equality and parity, it would pollinate new innovations in media.”

Sinclair’s project is supported by the Ford Foundation’s JustFilms program, with additional support from the Sundance Institute. Each month Immerse publishes the lead article from the series. Here’s a how-to-guide on ways to get involved in the discussion.