Twice a month, Dot Connector Studio’s Mark Glaser helps write and edit a new newsletter for the Knight Foundation, News @ Knight, produced by Knight VP of Journalism Jim Brady. The newsletter focuses on how local journalism informs and engages diverse communities and seeks to integrate technology to reach news audiences and build sustainability. 

In line with their decades-long effort to preserve local journalism, Knight’s major goal for this newsletter is to share what they’re seeing, provide insight into their strategy and, hopefully, connect dots for those trying to navigate this crucial time in the evolution of local news.

How LION Publishers defines sustainability

“There are a lot of existing media and journalism email newsletters, but we wanted to give a unique viewpoint so people could understand Knight’s strategy and thinking in its support for local news,” Glaser said. “And we wanted to have fun doing it. Using a mix of think pieces and short takes is the perfect mix.”

This week’s issue looked at how Knight’s Brady defines sustainability, noted the new Independent News Sustainability Summit coming in October, and covered the trend of public media co-branding local microbrews

See this week’s (March 28, 2022) full issue here, and you can find past issues and subscribe here!