Have you seen our latest project? Immerse is an online journal for exploring emerging forms of nonfiction storytelling. In conjunction with the Tribeca Film Institute, MIT Open DocLab and The Fledgling Fund, Dot Connector Studio launched Immerse in September and has produced three thought-provoking issues to date.

Adrienne Maree Brown kicks off our latest issue, arguing “This is the Moment for Visionary Narratives” and exploring the intersection of social justice movements and visionary fiction. We’ll be continuing this conversation and posting responses in the next week or two.

The Detroit Narrative Agency is inventing new ways to tell community stories.

Author and maker Andrea Phillips and scholar Henry Jenkins started off an earlier conversation, probing the fate of transmedia in its various guises, with What’s Happened to Transmedia? and Transmedia What?

Janet H. Murray, professor at Georgia Tech and author of Inventing the Medium, kicked off Immerse’s inaugural issue with Not a Film and Not an Empathy Machine, a look at the myths surrounding virtual reality and how makers aiming for social impact can improve the form.

For each issue, Immerse invites players in the field to weigh in to debate and debunk prevailing viewpoints and to muse about uncharted waters. If you haven’t already, come and join the conversation.