In 2016, Dot Connector Studio’s Jessica Clark co-founded Immerse,  a Medium publication focused on creative discussion of nonfiction news, and served as the editor for a number of years. Now, we still co-produce Immerse with MIT’s Open Doc Lab, and are excited to be working with Abby Sun as the new editor. Here’s a glimpse at recent stories:

 The image depicts a Zoom call with six individuals in different rooms, with the words “I have hit a limit” overlaid in red.
gif of hand holding phone with black and white moving swirl on green background

Each month, Ingrid Kopp also curates a selection of resources for the Immerse newsletter— subscribe here.

Here’s a sample of highlights from the May newsletter:

  • We’ve just lived through the most online period in history. Kaitlyn Tiffany, of the Atlantic, writes about what comes next?
  • Few of us will be back in the office full time – but does that have to mean endless video calls? Meet the weird and wonderful newcomers hoping to take a piece of the action. Can these virtual meeting spaces save us from Zoom fatigue?
  • Google’s Project Starline is a ‘magic window’ for 3D telepresence.
  • Now available to view in the Museum of Other Realities, The Immersive Arcade Showcase Volume 2.
  • The Road We Came. Three musical walking tours exploring African Americans and Black music history in New York City. Until July 31.
  • The Nothings Suite: a collection of (extremely) short video games made with diverse video game engines such as Unity, Twine, and PICO-8.
  • The Case of the Slow Websites: a mystery where your goal is to solve a debugging problem! You’ll collect clues, interpret evidence, and ultimately solve the Case of the Slow Websites!
  • Iceberger. Draw an iceberg and see how it will float.
  • Monster Mash allows you to create drawings, inflate them, and animate them. Pixar quality in seconds. Well kinda.
  • Someone Else’s House: Flip the switch, light your candles, and prepare yourself (as best you can) for this first-hand story of terror with the latest interactive production from the Geffen Stayhouse.