Issue #15 of Immersethe monthly digital publication focused on emerging nonfiction storytelling that’s edited by our director, Jessica Clark, is now live. It features an article by Clark that examines the rise of haptic storytelling in a piece titled “Do You Feel What I Feel?” She describes how “boundaries between the real and the simulated just keep on shrinking” in VR experiences.

A Fulbright Postdoc at OpenDocLab and a media artist, Carles Sora responds to Mark Atkin’s feature piece from Issue #14 titled “Human Assets: the Promise and Dread of Digitising Humans.” Sora warns that as immersive experiences are normalized the likelihood that our internal ability to critically analyze what’s around us will become muted.

Also: Get under the hood of a new interactive documentary which lets you virtually explore the spaces where Dutch drug growers, dealers, and designers work.

And check out Deep Reads, which explores possible ways for storytellers to engage with the rise of blockchain technologies.

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