It’s a lot.

So…how are you coping these days?

Here at Dot Connector Studio, we’ve been dealing with the grating uncertainty of these times by trying to have a little fun with it. Rather than drowning in dystopias, we’ve increasingly been working with our clients and colleagues to imagine brighter possibilities and uncover unexpected solutions.

This month, I started a gig as the futurist in residence at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. With the foundation’s Pioneering Ideas team, I’ll be exploring what’s next for work, food, evidence, and social interaction—all in service of increasing health equity across the U.S.

Being a futurist involves keeping an eye on a wide range of disparate signals to sense emerging trends. To get a taste of the many topics we are tracking, check out the new “Fun With Futures” section below.  Plus, see what else the Dot Connector team’s been working on, and our latest reads.

As always, we’re interested to hear what you’re up to! Drop me a line.


Shattered (courtesy of Lance Weiler)

What we’re up to

  • Apply by March 4 for a grant we worked with the Internet Society Foundation to design. The recipient will help tell the stories of how four innovative teams are seeking to increase Internet access around the world.
  • ICYMI: Immerse tackles what it takes to make the metaverse in its latest issue.
  • We just wrapped our pilot New/s incubator with the Guild of Future Architects. Here’s what we’re learning about the future of regenerative journalism.
  • Associate Mark Glaser worked with the Knight Foundation to launch a newsletter called News @ KnightSubscribe here!
  • With our support, West Virginia University launched its first Academic Innovation Summit.
  • The research we did with 8 Bridges Workshop for the NEA continues to ripple out—don’t miss this March 22 webinar, Supporting Art & Technology.
  • More and more universities are adopting our Making a New Reality toolkit. If you’re interested, let us know!
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Here’s what we’ve been reading lately:

The “Archive Dreaming” installation by artist Refik Anadol uses artificial intelligence to visualize nearly 2 million historical Ottoman documents and photographs from the SALT Research Archive. Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images.

Fun With Futures

This month we’re exploring:

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