Issue #14 of Immersethe monthly digital publication focused on emerging nonfiction storytelling that’s edited by our director, Jessica Clark—features an article by Mark Atkin who considers the question: Who owns our depictions?

Also in this issue, don’t miss two field reports.

The first from Brett Gaylor of the Mozilla Foundation on Stories of Surveillance, a workshop hosted by the Co-Creation Studio at MIT’s Open Doc Lab.For 4 days, Mozilla fellows, a Co-Creation Studio fellow and guests workshopped a series of projects that aimed to disrupt traditional narratives around privacy and surveillance. “Each project aimed to generate a specific change of perception within a specific audience,” write Gaylor. “We aimed for more than awareness, instead aiming for action.”

The second field report comes from Zeina Abi Assy on TFI’s Immigration Co/Lab where the workshop emphasized stories to be told by the community for the community.

Plus, artist Zohar Kfir explains how VR serves as a useful medium for her interactive documentary Testimony, which allows survivors of sexual violence to tell their stories.

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