In October our Assistant Director, Michelle Polyak, presented at Hearken’s Engagement Innovation Summit in Brooklyn, NY. In collaboration with Jennifer Brandel at Hearken, our team created a tailored version of the Impact Pack with support from Democracy Fund. The Engaged Journalism Impact pack is a streamlined version of the deck which contains the following suits:

  1. INTERFACES—Which platforms and experiences are you using to connect with your audience(s)?
  2. AUDIENCES—Who are you serving?
  3. ENGAGEMENT MODELS—How will you involve or inspire them?
  4. CONNECTORS—What does this add up to & how to tweak it? 
  5. OUTCOMES—What are the social impact results?
  6. HOW DO WE PAY FOR THIS?—What related revenue stream(s) or cost saving measures will you use for this strategy?

Michelle led conference attendees in a hands-on session where users were able to put an idea or strategy from the summit into action. To put the deck into action, jesikah maria ross, community strategist at Capital Public Radio, demonstrated how her newsroom used the Impact Pack in the past. More information on how ross incorporated the deck into her impact analysis can be found here. As a parting gift, all participants received their own copy of the Engaged Journalism Impact Pack.

Note: the Engaged Journalism Impact Pack was a commissioned deck and is not available for purchase at this time. If you are interested in bulk ordering this version, please contact