From sharks swimming in the streets, to the “often stupid, always angry American” woman stirring up Twitter trouble who turned out to be a figment of Russian imagination, to misleading reports about a certain presidential fish-feeding incident, misinformation and disinformation online are continuing to flourish — and so are debates about what to do about it.

Nancy Watzman, Dot Connector Studio’s director of strategic initiatives, will lead Dot Connector Studio efforts to help the Knight Foundation engage the public around the work of the Knight Commission on Trust, Media and Democracy. The 26-member commission will be meeting over the next year in cities across the country, hearing from experts, listening to comments, and deliberating on how to think big and broadly about misinformation in public life.

Our work begins with the Trust, Media and Democracy site on Medium, where we’ll be updating the public on the Commission’s work and interesting thinking on strategies to combat misinformation and increase trust in the media. We’ll be gathering comments and thoughts there, which we’ll report back to the Commission members. Please visit and lend us your insight.