We know educators are strapped for time. That’s why we wanted to share some tools and research we’ve co-produced, along with a select group of resources we think could be useful for those teaching classes in media, art, futurism, and social change. We hope you’ll find these helpful now and in years to come!

Digital Impact Pack on Miroverse

Dot Connector Studio Resources:

Digital Impact Pack on the Miroverse

A digital version of our Impact Pack is here! This template in Miro allows teachers, funders, makers and strategists to break out the deck anytime for their work. This deck has already been featured in classrooms and workshops at Central European University, MIT, Goucher College, Emerson College, and elsewhere. Get the printed version of the deck here!

Making a New Reality Toolkit

Created by Jessica Clark and Kamal Sinclair, this toolkit provides ample curated resources for making emerging media (VR, AR, social media, etc.) more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. At Georgia State University, Elizabeth Strickler created an entire class based on this toolkit, and the project has also been featured in research, classes and lectures at universities including USC, Stanford, and Barnard. Learn more about the toolkit and the research here.

Collective Wisdom: Co-Creating Media for Equity and Justice

If you’re in the media industry, Katerina Cizek and William Uricchio’s new, first-of-its-kind field study is a must-read! While the book is currently in pre-order, check out the long-form series edited by Dot Connector Studio’s Jessica Clark and Carrie McLaren here.

Plus, don’t miss other groundbreaking publications and reports we have worked on, including:

A Room from the Museum of Futures

Other Resources you may find helpful:

We come across a myriad of different articles, guides, archives, and case studies throughout the year and we wanted to pass some of those along:

A look into 2036?

Crafted by Careful Industries, this report asks “Who makes the future?” and offers a glimpse of three alternative worlds in 2036, where the most important things are belonging, care, and repair.

ExperimentalRealism: the BOOK

Part of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ “Design Studio” series, this collection of articles and profiles explores the power of imaginative literacy. It is aimed specifically at students and academics operating within the fields of architecture and its wider territories. Follow along on their Instagram as well!

Getting you started in Strategic Foresight

New to strategic foresight? This comprehensive list of articles and books from Amy Webb of the Future Today Institute will help you get you learn and utilize all things strategic foresight. 

Radical Uncertainty: Decision-Making Beyond the Numbers

A guide to thinking about personal and social economics, especially in a time of uncertainty.

[Virtual] Museum of Futures

A virtual museum that aims to help you make well-considered choices “because visualizing our future is the first step toward actualizing it.”

Prepare students for Tomorrow

TeachtheFuture.org teaches futures-thinking skills to students and educators around the world.

Experience possible sounds of the future

Future Archive is an archive of auditory explorations of futures to come in the era of climate change, featuring speculative news reports, vox pops and reportage that will transport listeners to 2029.

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