Issue #11 of Immerse—the monthly digital publication focused on emerging nonfiction storytelling edited by our director, Jessica Clark—considers issues surrounding privacy in a digital world.

In the lead piece, Jessica interviews media producer and Mozilla’s Commissioning Editor Brett Gaylor and creative director and visiting researcher at MIT Open Doc Lab Sandra Rodriguez about “digital hygiene,” the personalized documentary series about online privacy Do Not Track, and what the next frontier of tracking will be.

The Deep Reads section provides a related set of resources for addressing surveillance, privacy and anonymity, exploring such questions as: How much do we really know about online advertisers’ opaque algorithms? and How is your heart rate reacting to your blind date? 

Also featured is an article by Frisly Soberanis responding to Ingrid Kopp’s piece “Who Is VR For? Soberanis writes about his (and his family’s) experience using VR as a tool to reconnect with a physical place: their native country of Guatemala. He partnered with Alvaro Morales, co-founder of the Families Reunion Project (FRP), to create “VR postcards” or virtual reunions which allowed his family in the US to be immersed with their relatives in Guatemala.

Check out the full issue here.