Our Services

Strategic consulting for philanthropy: We work with foundations to understand and explain the shifting landscape of media technology, content and user behavior; to develop related funding initiatives; and to communicate what they are learning in more compelling ways.

Research & development: We collaborate with media producers and funders to propose, launch and amplify interactive publications, apps, multiplatform documentaries, and more—and to stay on top of trends to help these projects evolve.

Forecasting: Dot Connector Studio Executive Director Jessica Clark is a leading authority on media futures and social impact. Book her for speeches, presentations, and think pieces on what to expect next in the world of media that matters.

Building emerging fields: Based on experience in fostering communities of practice in philanthropy, journalism, documentary and interactive production, we help our clients understand the ecosystems they inhabit, pinpoint potential allies and competitors, and understand the best ways to engage new networks around their unique project goals.

Creating impact tools: We develop strategy models and storytelling resources to help makers tell the stories of their projects in new and creative ways. We’ve invented games, fonts, guides, maps and more. Through workshops with our Impact Pack, we help our clients brainstorm and road test outreach strategies.