Field leadership
Dot Connector Studio Executive Director Jessica Clark is a leading international authority on media futures and social impact. Book her for speeches, presentations, and think pieces on what to expect next in the world of media that matters.

Project launches
Our team will help you plan and execute your interactive website, pop-up happening, or media event—and stay embedded as strategy advisors to get you to the next phase.

Impact strategy
Using our suite of tools and models—including our Impact Pack—we can help you think strategically about your media project and craft impact plans, whether in a one-time workshop or an ongoing engagement.

Creative Learning Tools
We’ll help you develop the right tools, strategy models and storytelling resources to communicate about your project in new and creative ways. We’ve developed toolkits, games, fonts, guides, maps and more. We’re also available to present in classrooms, at conferences, or in your next board meeting.

Field building
Building on our experience in developing impact campaigns and fostering communities of practice, we can help you understand the landscape of the field, including allies and competitors, as well as the best ways to bring them together around your unique project goals.