How to Use Impact Pack

The easiest way to use the cards is to lay them out from left to right in order to build a simple story about your media project’s engagement strategy and outcomes.

Lay the card suits out in this order:

  • Platforms
  • Audiences
  • Engagement Models
  • Connectors (Just pull out the equal sign for now.)
  • Outcomes

Select no more than three of each of the cards from each suit—this is how you will build the basic story of your media strategy.

You’ll want to make sure you understand Dot Connector Studio’s Engagement Models and can find more info about those here.

Once you’ve laid out an initial strategy, use the rest of the Connectors cards to “edit” that strategy. For example:

  • What would happen if you lost half your funding? Use the “Minus” card to identify which pieces of your strategy to exclude.
  • What if you got a big influx of cash? Use the “Plus” card to add an element onto your strategy.
  • Which aspects of your strategy need to grow in order for the whole thing to work better? Use the “Scale Up” or “Accelerate” cards to indicate leverage points.
  • What’s really important? Use the the greater than/lesser than cards to indicate priorities.

Once you’ve settled on a core story, use other categories to elaborate:

  • Lay Digital Content Types alongside the relevant platform cards to expand upon what you’re making.
  • Use the Senses cards to think about how your project can become a richer experience for users.
  • Use the Individual Responses cards to think through how users might respond to your media project (good or bad). Or use these cards in a focus group to ask audience members or partners how your project makes them feel, and whether that might move them to action.
  • Did we forget something? Use the blank cards to customize your strategy.