The Impact Pack

Version 3.0 of the Impact Pack is here! Our latest edition of the media strategy deck is available for purchase. What’s new?

  • We streamlined two suits, “digital content types” and “platforms,” into one called “interfaces”
  • We added a “sixth sense” card to help users dream up new types of experiences they are creating using new technologies and modalities
  • We expanded the instructions to cover more uses for the deck

The Impact Pack is based on extensive research with documentary filmmakers, journalists, interactive producers and others, and we continually update it in dialogue with the field as media evolves. We’re excited to see how newsrooms, XR producers, and media investors are going to pick it up and put it into action.

NEW: “How do we pay for this?” expansion pack

Based on user feedback, we’ve added a suit that helps factor financing into a media project’s strategy. Use the “How do we pay for this?” expansion pack to flesh out funding streams and cost-saving measures for your media project!

The expansion pack comes with an 11 x 17 poster that provides examples for laying out your strategy and provides new ways to visualize business structures. Order it today!


Impact Pack: The core 96-card deck
Expansion suit: Contains 24 additional “How do we pay for it?” cards

Shipping within the United States: $8 flat fee for up to 5 decks. If you need to order bulk decks or ship internationally, please contact us at to inquire about additional shipping charges.

What is the Impact Pack?

Dot Connector Studio’s media engagement strategy deck has been making its way around the globe. It can help you think through your goals, weigh the merits of various platforms, and define your relationships with audiences. Use it to:

  • Prototype your media engagement strategy
  • Tell or iterate your impact story
  • Weigh different options
  • Get feedback from partners and users
  • Teach students how to plan a media strategy

See these quick instructions for the Impact Pack 3.0 or download the full instruction pdf.
(Still have your old deck? Here’s the previous version of the instructions.)

Wondering what these engagement models are? Check out some examples to help you diagram your story.