The Impact Pack

Photo of using the card deckThe Impact Pack is a card deck created in dialogue with documentary filmmakers, journalists, interactive producers and other media makers.

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Digital Impact Pack

In 2022, we launched a free digital version of our Impact Pack as a template in Miro. This allows teachers, funders, makers and strategists to break out the deck anytime for their work once they have registered with the platform.

With our “How Do We Pay for This Suit,” the deck also serves as a tool for financial forecasting for media makers, allowing them to think through business models and revenue sources.

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Jessica’s presentation was important to our community and we deeply appreciate her expertise. The workshop with the Impact Deck was informative and inspirational.”  –DJ Johnson, Associate Professor of Cinema Division of Media Arts & Practice, University of Southern California



A tool for thinking, creating, and assessing

The Impact Pack has been making its way around the globe, and can help you think through your goals, weigh the merits of various platforms, and define your relationships with audiences. We hope you use these decks to:

  • Prototype your media engagement strategy
  • Tell or iterate your impact story
  • Teach students how to plan a media strategy
  • Train team members to collaborate
  • Set up focus groups with audience members
  • Prototype your own media engagement strategy
  • Get feedback from partners and users

Liza Gross of the Solutions Journalism Network presents the deck in Colombia.

Instructions and more information