About Us

Based in Philadelphia, Dot Connector Studio is a social impact strategy and foresight firm. We work hand-in-hand with foundations, media outlets, and cultural organizations to help reboot society.

Through a mix of strategic advising, research, experience design, practice-building and creative production, we equip our clients with the tools to grapple with today’s uncertainties while envisioning tomorrow’s. We collaborate with a network of multiplatform producers, foresight practitioners, and technologists to report from the future, spotting emerging trends poised to transform politics and culture.

In this era of continual disruption, we believe it’s crucial to not only brace for what might come next—but chart a path toward futures that center justice and belonging.

Dot Connector Studio was co-founded in 2013 by Jessica Clark and Katie Donnelly, and we’re thrilled to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary. Learn more about our team, our services, and our clients.